INN 2.5.4

Julien √ČLIE completed this release a few weeks ago, but between work and other things I'm only finally now posting the announcement.

This is primarily a bug-fix release. The most user-visible changes are that the radius.conf file for the nnrpd RADIUS authenticator has been renamed to inn-radius.conf (to avoid a conflict with the configuration of the actual RADIUS server), and the sample innd and nnrpd MOTD files are now installed as samples and not as live configuration on a new server install.

controlchan and pgpverify now check the signer of control messages in a way that works properly with UIDs containing spaces and keys that define multiple UIDs, which should fix long-standing problems with verifying the control messages for fido.ger.* and grisbi.*.

The nnrpd posting filter now has access to the attributes hash, similar to the authentication and access Perl hooks.

In addition, there are fixes for a variety of crash bugs, build issues, log rotation issues, and the normal variety of bug fixes that accumulate over time.

You can get the latest version from the official ISC download page or from my personal INN pages. The latter also has links to the full changelog and the other INN documentation.

As always, thanks to Julien √ČLIE for doing the lion's share of work on the new release, including investigating and fixing bugs, merging patches, and doing all the hard parts of the release process.

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