control-archive 1.6.1

control-archive is the software that maintains the archive of Usenet control messages and the "canonical" list of newsgroups maintained on There's nothing particularly exciting in this release, but there were some accumulated metadata changes and it had been nearly a year since the previous release.

This is one of my few packages that uses a three-part version number, since I figured there would be metadata-only releases and wanted a way to designate those. And then, of course, I almost always made code changes. So this is only the second metadata-only release (which is part of why I did a release now, to be honest).

At some point, I still want to rewrite the underlying signature validation code and then redo all the code in this package to match my current coding style and be quite a bit cleaner. But the hours to do projects like that aren't particularly forthcoming at the moment.

You can get the latest release from the control-archive distribution page.

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