remctl 3.7

remctl is the middleware layer that we use everywhere at Stanford. It's a simple GSS-API-authenticated network service that supports running commands with ACLs. There are client bindings available for a wide variety of programming languages.

This release fixes a couple of irritating bugs: the client library leaked memory when remctl_set_ccache was used (which was affecting mod_webkdc from WebAuth), and Net::Remctl::Backend didn't validate argument counts correctly when one of the arguments came from standard input (which affected krb5-sync). I also worked around a bug in RHEL 5's Module::Build, and added sanity checking to Net::Remctl and related classes to ensure that the object argument wasn't undef.

Also new in this release are support in the remctld server for systemd startup notification and socket activation, and (via the -Z) flag) support for upstart's expect stop synchronization method.

This is mostly a "clearing the decks" release in advance of more significant work. The next release will replace the server event loop with libevent, in preparation for further improvements in how the server can handle persistent worker children.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

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