rra-c-util 5.0

This package started as my collection of shared C utility code and has turned into the collection of all sorts of glue that I use across multiple packages.

The primary changes in this release are to the network utility layer. In order to add proper IPv6 support, I adopted the network_bind_* functions to take the socket type, which changed all the APIs (hence the major version bump). While I was at it, I also cleaned up some of the error reporting in the various functions to make them easier to use. There's a new network_wait_any function that does the select part of network_accept_any, making it useful for UDP servers.

This release also contains a new, generalized TAP add-on for spawning background processes used by test cases. Their standard output and standard error is now captured and merged into the test output stream using the new C TAP Harness support for files containing diagnostic messages. The remctl TAP add-on has been rewritten to use this framework.

Julien √ČLIE also adapted the Autoconf probes for Berkeley DB and zlib used in INN to the framework used for most probes in rra-c-util, and those probes are included in this release.

Finally, the vector utility library's free functions now accept (and do nothing with) NULL, which makes it easier to write cleanup functions.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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