C TAP Harness 2.4

I always enjoy this time of year: lots of peace and quiet and time to work on whatever I feel like focusing on. That's been watching a lot of speedrunning and League of Legends, but also experimenting with systemd and upstart. I've now ported lbcd to both "properly," meaning that I make full use of their features as far as I currently understand them.

I have some more packaging work to do, and need to make a release, but of course I started fixing various other things since I was in the code anyway, and now I don't want to release it without some testing. And that prompted another digression, since I didn't have a good test framework for spawning the server and pounding on it.

That finally brings this journal entry to its actual topic: a new release of C TAP Harness. This release adds a new pair of functions, diag_file_add() and diag_file_remove(), which tell the TAP library to take the contents of log files as an additional source of diag() messages. This produces much nicer, and more readable, output from test cases that involve forking a background server that produces output to standard output and standard error. That output can be directed to a file and then included in the test output stream, properly tagged and in sequence with the result messages.

You can get the latest release from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

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