krb5-strength 2.2

krb5-strength provides a plugin and external password checking program implementation of password strength checking for Kerberos KDCs.

Management at Stanford has decided that we want to impose different character class restrictions by length, with longer passwords having fewer required character classes. This release therefore adds more comprehensive character class requirement support, including the ability to set varying requirements based on the length of the password.

This release also improves the cdbmake-wordlist utility, adding support for removing words longer than a maximum length and filtering out words that match a user-provided regular expression. It can also be run in filter mode to generate a new wordlist instead of a CDB file.

Finally, a file descriptor and memory leak in the embedded version of CrackLib has been fixed. (This was already fixed in the regular CrackLib release.)

You can get the latest version from the krb5-strength distribution page.

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