krb5-strength 2.1

This is a quick bug-fix release, since of course there was a significant bug in the recent 2.0 release. In this case, it was a problem with the build: if you configured the package without CDB support, it didn't build. Apparently I didn't retest that after doing some refactoring.

I have good test suite techniques for reasonable code coverage, but not for testing various variant configurations at the Autoconf level. This is what a continuous build infrastructure would be good for, I know. We even have one sitting around; someday, I should invest in hooking my projects up to it.

Anyway, also in this release is the start of an Autoconf fix so that --with-tinycdb without an argument works correctly, but I have more Autoconf work to do (also affecting rra-c-util). I also tweaked the error messages returned by the non-CrackLib portions of krb5-strength so that they would hopefully be more comprehensible to users while still being technically accurate.

You can get the latest release from the krb5-strength distribution page.

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