Miscellaneous haul

Despite the fact that I've had very little time to either read or write reviews, I haven't stopped buying a few books here and there. And, of course, Powell's Indiespensable keeps coming.

Matt Bell — In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods (mainstream)
Steven Brust — Orca (sff)
Steven Brust — Dragon (sff)
John W. Campbell — Collected Editorials from Analog (non-fiction)
Jane Fletcher — The Walls of Westernfort (sff)
Mira Grant — How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea (sff)
Tate Hallaway — Tall, Dark, & Dead (sff)
Diana Wynne Jones — Howl's Moving Castle (sff)
Rebecca Lee — Bobcat and Other Stories (mainstream)
Victor Lombardi — Why We Fail (non-fiction)
George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (ed.) — Songs of Love and Death (sff anthology)
Seanan McGuire — In Sea-Salt Tears (sff)
Seanan McGuire — Late Eclipses (sff)
Justina Robson — Selling Out (sff)
John Scalzi — Muse of Fire (sff)
Mark Slouka — Brewster (mainstream)
Tor.com (ed.) — The Stories (sff anthology)
Carrie Vaughn — Kitty and the Midnight Hour (sff)

This is a wide variety of random stuff, including some stuff that was free (the Tor.com anthology, which is every piece of short fiction they've published and is about 4000 pages, the Campbell editorials from the Internet Archive) and a lot of stuff that was on sale. As well as another two shipments of Indiespensible.

The Brust books I've already read and are already in the family, but I hooked a friend of mine on the Vlad Taltos series, and those were the only two that I both didn't have and that weren't available on Kindle. So I picked them up while he was visiting so that he could read the whole series.

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