AFS::PAG 1.00

One of the very long-standing problems with AFS is that it doesn't have a stable library interface or API. The situation with shared libraries is even worse. Despite that, there is a native XS AFS Perl module that tries to provide a native Perl interface to the various AFS libraries, despite all of their quirks. We've used that off and on for various things over the years.

Unfortunately, the historic AFS code used an LWP (lightweight threading) implementation that relied on hairy C internals, and when Perl switched over to being threaded with POSIX pthreads by default, the loadable module started having trouble. Various people managed to keep it limping along through Debian's squeeze release, but as of wheezy it just no longer worked; the thread mismatches and the mismatches between the various AFS libraries were too severe.

There's work in progress to fix this by building yet another profile of the AFS libraries, with all their warts, but in the meantime we needed access to the AFS PAG functions for various backend scripts. Everything else the Perl module did could be replaced by running the regular commands and parsing their output, but setpag has to be called in the process that should be affected to work safely. Hence this module.

AFS::PAG provides a native Perl interface to the API exposed by libkafs and libkopenafs for PAG manipulation: hasafs, haspag, setpag, and unlog. (Eventually it might provide access to pioctl, but I haven't done that work yet.) It supports any platform that has a libkafs or libkopenafs, or Linux without either (by implementing the pioctl interface itself).

You can get the latest version from the AFS::PAG distribution page.

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