remctl 3.6

remctl is the network protocol that we use for nearly all of our middleware at Stanford. It's a flexible combination of GSS-API network authentication, ACLs, and mappings of commands to arbitrary local programs.

The primary goal of this release is to fix a problem that I ran into with WebAuth: if a user of the remctl client library catches a signal during a connect with a timeout, the non-blocking connect support in the client library returned an error. Now, it returns to waiting for the connect if the select failed with EINTR.

Also in this release, the Net::Remctl::Backend help formatting does something more reasonable with commands that have a very long syntax. Rather than push all of the command summaries into a tiny right-hand column, syntax lines that are too long will not affect the start column of the summary, just force the summary down one line.

This release also fixes multiple compilation errors on Mac OS X and older Red Hat from a missing include, missing portability probes, and a workaround for Mac OS X's broken PCRE library installation. (The library exists, but without any header files.)

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

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