Pod::Thread 1.01 and faq2html 1.32

Julien √ČLIE pointed out a rendering problem with one of my pages, and some further investigation revealed that the changes that I made to faq2html when moving away from Subversion caused all sorts of problems. I started testing a new version of it, and then found a bunch of other problems with pod2thread. One I already knew about, but others I'd not seen before. Since I was working on this anyway, I decided to fix all the problems I knew about.

Pod::Thread 1.01 now correctly encodes its output for UTF-8, which will fix some long-standing problems with ISO 8859-1 characters used to render non-breaking spaces. It also fixes some minor formatting issues and adds a workaround for the inability to format formatting codes in headings when generating an artificial table of contents.

faq2html 1.32 now supports multiple subheadings at the top of a page provided that the start of the second subheading is still a centered line. I use this format in a bunch of my package README files, all of which had been misformatted due to not having this support. I did a large test generation of my web pages, and I don't think I added any new problems. (faq2html is inherently tricky, since it's converting plain text to HTML and has to do a bunch of markup guessing. I suppose one of these days I should just give up and switch over to writing README files in Markdown or something.)

While I was at it, I also modernized Pod::Thread's module packaging and switched it to Module::Build, which is the direction I'm (slowly) going for all of my Perl module work. The generic parts of the test suite also got a refresh to the latest versions of my generic test suite code (which I'm currently maintaining in rra-c-util for lack of a better location).

That had one interesting wrinkle. Pod::Thread was the one Perl distribution where I'd played with using a module filter program (something ExtUtils::MakeMaker supports) to set the module $VERSION automatically during the build. This had the advantage of letting me maintain the distribution version in one place (Makefile.PL) no matter how many Perl modules there are. However, Module::Build doesn't support that.

So, this afternoon I wrote Module::Build::SetVersion, which overrides the processing of *.pm files to set the $VERSION string to whatever one sets dist_version to in Build.PL. This lets you just put placeholder strings in all of the modules, and the process of building them into blib will substitute in the current distribution version.

Currently, this module is only in this package and subclasses Module::Build (it really should be a mixin of some kind, but I didn't work out a good way of doing that). I'm going to experiment with copying it into my various module packages, but I suppose at some point I should wrap it up in its own distribution, add a test suite, and release it properly. (If you would find this useful, drop me email and I'll prioritize releasing it properly on CPAN somewhat higher.) Note that you can do the same thing with the existing Module::Build::PM_Filter module, as well as a bunch of other things, but that requires you write and maintain a Perl script at the top level of the distribution that does the desired transformations and seemed unnecessarily complex for what I was trying to do. I really wanted something I could just drop in and forget about.

You can get the latest releases of Pod::Thread and faq2html from my web tools distribution page.

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