Collected haul

I've been slow lately in writing these up (and, for that matter, in doing most other things related to reading; things have been rather busy lately). This is a bunch of here-and-there purchases over the last few months, including Powell's Indiespensible shipments.

Sandra Barret — Face of the Enemy (sff)
Anne Bishop — Written in Red (sff)
Lois McMaster Bujold — Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (sff)
Cary Caffrey — The Girls from Alcyone (sff)
Jenni Fagan — The Panopticon (mainstream)
Niels Ferguson, et al. — Cryptography Engineering (non-fiction)
Jen Kirchner — The Fourth Channel (sff)
Anothony Marra — A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (mainstream)
Steve McConnell — Code Complete (non-fiction)
Seanan McGuire — Velveteen vs. The Junior Super-Patriots (sff)
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, et al. (ed.) — Some of the Best from 2012 (sff anthology)
Lisa O'Donnell — The Death of Bees (mainstream)
Susan Palwich — Flying in Place (sff)
Kim Stanley Robinson — 2312 (sff)
John Scalzi — Redshirts (sff)
Ian Tregillis — Bitter Seeds (sff)
Leon Trotsky — The History of the Russian Revolution (non-fiction)
Simon Van Booy — The Illusion of Separateness (mainstream)
Chris Anne Wolfe — Shadows of Aggar (sff)
Barbara Ann Wright — The Pyramid Waltz (sff)

That's a lot of stuff. It includes a couple of non-fiction O'Reilly books from sales, a few months of Powell's Indiespensible subscriptions, a variety of books I picked up after a discussion of good lesbian fiction on (romance without the obnoxious gender tropes, or at least as many of them), and the rest of the Hugo nominees for the year.

I got a ton of reading done earlier this month. I wish I could say the same thing about reviews, but I only wrote a few. That's something that I want to try to catch up on soon, so there will probably be a flurry of those posted soon. I've already read Blackout and Redshirts of this year's nominees (a review of the latter is coming), so at least I'm not too far behind on the reading. Throne of the Crescent Moon is in progress now.

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