backport 1.30

Debian wheezy has been released (yay!), so I've updated my backport script to backport to wheezy by default and shuffled the meanings of stable and oldstable. The whole script badly needs a rewrite and needs to become more configuration-driven, but I sadly don't have the time at the moment, so will have to make do with this.

If anyone else is using it, you can get the latest copy from my scripts page.

Also done: suite names changed for local Stanford repositories. jessie added to our local Debian mirroring. reprepro pull rules changed accordingly. All local build chroots updated, with new ones created for wheezy and wheezy-backports.

Still to do: update suite names and pull rules for the Debian repository (which isn't used much any more). Delete the old per-service lenny-based distributions, since we've gotten everything off of lenny that cared about them. Add a new jessie build chroot to our local build servers. Update our FAI installation to build wheezy by default and to use a wheezy NFS root.

reprepro makes this whole process so massively easier than it was with debarchiver.

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