WebAuth 4.5.1

Unfortunately, as always seems to happen with large releases, one of the features that we added in WebAuth 4.5.0 wasn't adequately tested and had some lingering issues.

In this case, it was a last minute change: from a UI perspective, we decided it was better to present the user with a checkbox (checked by default) saying "remember my login on this computer" instead of a checkbox (off by default) saying "this is a public computer; don't remember me." People are much more familiar with the former than the latter. Unfortunately, due to how HTML checkboxes work, this required changing the default in the code, and that turned out to break single sign-on completely. We were assuming we should not maintain single sign-on credentials by default, so all the WebLogin interactions that never passed through the forms so that the form could establish a default would delete the cookies.

This should be all sorted out in this release, along with a few other edge cases that became apparent when I thought harder about this. The documentation also makes clearer the required template changes when upgrading from versions prior to 4.5.0. We also snuck in one new feature: the user information service can pass a message to the user through to the confirmation page.

You can get the latest release from the official WebAuth distribution site or from my WebAuth distribution pages.

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