Hugo nominee haul

I need to write up new Kindle books, of which there are now quite a few due to various sales plus the Hugo nominee slate, but I got another set of paper books and they're sitting in front of me. So here's a list.

Saladin Ahmed — Throne of the Crescent Moon (sff)
Elizabeth Bear — Shattered Pillars (sff)
Ta-Nehisi Coates — The Beautiful Struggle (non-fiction)
Guy Gavriel Kay — River of Stars (sff)
Jenny Larson — Let's Pretend This Never Happened (non-fiction)
Domenica Ruta — With or Without You (non-fiction)
Jay Wexler — The Odd Clauses (non-fiction)

Ahmed's book is the remaining Hugo nominee that I didn't already pick up. I'm delighted to see the diversity on the Hugo and particularly the Nebula slate this year, and I'm curious to see the spin that Ahmed brings to the epic fantasy genre.

Bear's book is the sequel to Range of Ghosts, another book I'm very much looking forward to reading to but haven't yet. I'm rather behind on reading Bear's work right now.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened, With or Without You, and The Beautiful Struggle are all memoirs, of varying degrees of seriousness. I've gotten hooked on Coates's writing at The Atlantic, and I highly recommend it if you've not yet seen it. Domenica Ruta's memoir is the latest Indiespensible selection.

Jay Wexler's book was recommended by Lowering the Bar, a legal humor blog whose entire archives I'm slowly reading.

But the highlight of this order is Kay's River of Stars, which is a sequel of sorts to one of my favorite books ever. This is probably the book I'll read during my next vacation.

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