lbcd 3.4.1

lbcd is an agent that we run on systems that use software load balancing. It returns a weight and an increment that's used by the lbnamed DNS server.

This is a minor feature release. The main point of this release is to add support for an /etc/nolbcd file (or /usr/local/etc/nolbcd in the default build) that's akin to /etc/nologin except it just drops the system from an lbnamed load balance pool rather than denying all logins. Sometimes it's more convenient to do that than to stop the lbcd daemon, particularly when the latter is monitored by configuration management software.

Also in this release, the lbcd -t mode, which prints all the data to standard output, is now documented and has been improved, and lbcdclient no longer rewrites maximum weights to -1.

You can get the latest release from the lbcd distribution page.

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