rra-c-util 4.8

This package is my collection of random utility functions, sort of like my version of Gnulib. (At some point, I do want to retire the bits that just duplicate Gnulib, which is less and less of it, and figure out how to properly use Gnulib for my packages as well.)

The big changes in this package put the name somewhat to lie: I finally took the time to write some comprehensive infrastructure for integrating Perl tests. This is primarily in the form of three new modules and a bunch of tests that use them.

The modules are Test::RRA, which provides some general facilities for handling maintainer-only tests and skipping tests when prerequisites are missing; Test::RRA::Config, which reads configuration from a separate file and allows me to use the same code verbatim in multiple packges; and Test::RRA::Automake, which provides a bunch of useful functions for intergrating tests written in Perl into packages that use Automake.

Some of the test scripts were in the previous version, but they've now been overhauled to use the new modules, which makes them much simpler and more robust. But I also added a new perl/t directory, which holds all the test scripts that I use for Perl module testing, either standalone or embedded in a larger package.

There are a variety of other changes, but they're minor or internal. It is worth noting, though, that all the code in rra-c-util now passes clang --analyze with clang 3.0.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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