C TAP Harness 2.0

This package is my pure C test harness that understands the TAP protocol. It's akin to prove, except written in C. It also provides a TAP library for C and shell scripts, which is useful even if you don't want to use the harness.

I was going to just do a small release with no major changes, just some cleanup and merging of changes from elsewhere, but I do hate making tiny releases and I'd been meaning to get back to doing some larger development for a while. So this release has several major changes, including one backward-incompatible one.

The backward-incompatible change is that, to specify a list of tests to run, one now needs to use the -l option to runtests. That's because the default interpretation of the command line is now that it is a list of tests to run and summarize. This is more consistent with other test harnesses, such as prove. Also in this release, runtests will look for the test name as given if it can't find it by appending -t or .t, which allows one to pass the actual name of the test executable on the command line (with or without the -o option). This makes command-line completion less annoying.

There are a few other minor fixes to display: output is flushed after each test executable completes even if the output isn't a terminal, which produces better display when teeing to a log file, and partial status of tests that use lazy plans now show the total test count as "?" to match the behavior of prove. I also fixed a few errors when displaying a test abort to a terminal.

You can get the latest version from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

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