WebAuth 4.4.1

WebAuth is the site-wide web authentication software that we use at Stanford. We're about to start another round of intensive development on multifactor authentication support, so I wanted to get a minor release out with the other things that have accumulated in the past month and a half.

The main feature change in this release is to add support for another WebLogin configuration callback. This one is run whenever WebLogin is attempting to establish the user's identity and can return any identity it wishes, so it's available as a generic callback to determine identity information from the environment. The most likely use will be to inspect the results of client-side certificate authentication (which Apache puts in various environment variables) and interpret them in a site-specific way.

Also in this release I refactored the WebLogin scripts so that they use FastCGI more correctly. The application objects are now instantiated only once and then reused for the lifetime of the FastCGI script, rather than torn down and set up for each new request. This is primarily of interest to those using the new features that require a memcached connection, since that connection will no longer be constantly set up and torn down, but it should help with speed in other situations. This is the riskiest change, since if I didn't get it exactly right it would be possible for information to leak from one request to the next. I've audited it fairly carefully, though, and think I've gotten everything.

Finally, besides some documentation updates, I've switched the Perl build to Module::Build from ExtUtils::MakeMaker. This should mostly be transparent, but it means some additional Perl modules from CPAN will be required to build the distribution with --enable-webkdc for versions of Perl older than 5.10. (5.10 is fairly old, so I doubt this will be a serious issue.)

You can get the latest release from the official WebAuth distribution site or from my WebAuth distribution pages.

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