Much better

Indeed, two days was enough time to recover from an afternoon of social, despite having an hour and a half of meetings today. But today was a day of catching up, sorting issues in JIRA, doing lots of planning meetings, and doing some debugging, so I don't have anything new code-wise to give to the world. So have a photograph.

Dried rivulet

The product backlog is now all sorted out for the Account Services project into the new phases that will define the work through pretty much the end of the calendar year, I'm guessing. And everything is now a story, not a bug or enhancement or something else without story points, and a few things are shuffled into a more reasonable order.

I'm probably going to find a few hours this week to go play video games or work on personal projects, given that I've been working well over 40 hours a week since the start of the year.

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