Still having a blast

I did not realize how much I was missing this sort of heads-down programming time in my life until the last two days. I think the last time that I had this much fun with my job was when I was learning Java, and even that wasn't quite this much fun since it was a lot of experimentation rather than being directly productive in a language I know well.

Here's a short list of modern Perl, Perl techniques, and interesting modules that I'd not had a reason to use before today:

I still have tomorrow morning to continue focusing on this and will hopefully finish up the work to feed long time periods of logs into my analysis tool. And, even better, I have a log parsing framework that I really like and that I think will make any number of things easier in the long run. (Also, it has a remarkably thorough test suite. I love test-driven development. Although I haven't written comprehensive tests for the very final front-end piece, since generating sanitized log input to trigger all the cases is too much effort right at the moment.)

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