Have some clouds

It's been a long time since I've posted any photographs here (about 15 months, it looks like), so have some clouds.

Windswept clouds

This also serves as a test for whether the scripts I use to post photographs have been properly converted to Git. (And a test to see if the occasional amateur photograph eating up screen real estate will provoke annoyed mutters from the direction of Planet Debian, although so far no complaints over my even-longer book reviews.)

I'm still taking photographs occasionally, although not as much as I was at one point. Too many hobbies and not enough time. Part of why I've been slow in posting them is that I was bad about keeping notes about where I took them and bad about keeping up with sorting through them. So I have large collections of photographs from some days where I don't remember exactly where I was, and where I've not already singled out the ones that are worth sharing.

One of the things my hobbies always seem to generate is yet another pile of stuff that's not organized quite to my liking. Maybe some evening I'll feel inspired to do a bit more sorting.

This is a long weekend in the US for some of us, myself included, so I get another day in this weekend. Which is good, since I've only gotten to a fraction of what I wanted to get to, although at least I found several hours to play video games today.

I have finally converted PGP::Sign to Git, so I have no more personal Subversion repositories, but I forgot how much code I'd written to handle its build-time configuration. All of that desperately needs to be reworked, so it's going to take a bit longer than I expected before I can push out another release.

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