distribrc 1.0

I was just talking to my dad about this script the other day, so now seems like as good of a time as any to finally stick it up with my other publicly released small scripts.

distribrc is a little Perl script I wrote a long time back that copies all my dot-files (everything from .Xresources and .screenrc to more obscure stuff like .gitconfig and .perlcriticrc) to all of my accounts. It supports a simple configuration file that specifies locations to copy files to, commands to do the copying, and which set of files to copy to each host, so it's survived my transition from Kerberos rcp to GSS-API authenticated ssh without needing a single change.

In fact, when I went to tweak the documentation for this public release, I discovered that it was at version 0.7 and the last commit was in May of 1997. So this is a script that I've been using, probably at least once a month, without a single change, for more than 15 years. I suppose you could call that stable. It at least seemed to warrant a 1.0 version number.

The Perl coding style is kind of awful, but hey. At some point I'll probably go through my various scripts and update coding style, and maybe figure out some test suite mechanism, but in the meantime someone else may find it useful. More thorough measures, like using Git to track one's home directory, are probably better, but this script has the advantage of being quite simple and making it very easy to customize exactly what you want to send to each host.

You can get it from my miscellaneous scripts page.

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