afs-admin-tools 2.0

For years, I've distributed the individual AFS administrative tools that we use at Stanford as separate software releases on my web site, but this has clearly been less and less efficient. We've needed to package them for use at Stanford and didn't want to create separate packages for each individual script, we've wanted to get them out of their current CVS repository, and they didn't support any unified configuration system or simple method for local site customization.

I started trying to solve those problems over a year ago by converting all the scattered CVS files into a coherent Git repository and turning the collection of scripts into an actual distribution that I can version and release more like regular software packages. But other things kept coming up, and it's one of the yearly goals I had for last year that I didn't finish.

Today, I finally took the time to finish this off. The scripts frak, fsr, lsmounts, mvto, partinfo, volcreate, volcreate-logs, and volnuke, which were previously distributed separately, are now collectively distributed as afs-admin-tools and all support a standard configuration file and location. I also rolled up some previously unreleased fixes and removed some remaining Stanford-specific behavior.

I have not, with this release, incorporated any of the various changes that people have sent me to the individual scripts. That's next. They're also all still standalone scripts without any common code moved into a Perl module, but I may change that in the future.

Note that some of these scripts refer to scripts that will be part of the afs-mountpoints package. Putting that together is my next task, but it's a bit trickier since we moved the mount point database into an actual database, so I need to put some work into the Perl modules that wrap that database. Hopefully I can get that released before too long as well.

You can get the latest release from the (new! shiny!) afs-admin-tools distribution page.

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