afs-monitor 2.3

Today was a travel day, coming back home from the holidays, so I'm rather stunned that I managed to do yet another software release. But there were a few minor bugs in afs-monitor that didn't take long to fix, and I talked myself into making a release rather than spending more time updating the coding style.

afs-monitor is a package of check scripts for AFS servers. They're designed with Nagios in mind, but they should work with most monitoring systems that can call external checks in a similar way as Nagios.

This is a bug fix release that fixes a relatively serious problem with check_afs_quotas. It has been there since the beginning, but was reported to me by three separate people in the past month; it's weird how those sorts of things come in spurts. It also teaches check_afs_bos about some standard bos output for a feature I don't use (scheduled jobs).

You can get the latest version from the afs-monitor distribution page. New Debian packages (as nagios-plugins-afs) have been uploaded to my personal repository. (If anyone would find it useful to have those in Debian proper, drop me a note and I'll do that.)

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