Pod::Thread 1.00 (and spin 1.80)

Well, this wasn't really what I intended to do with the tail end of my vacation, but I got started on it last night after fixing a different bug and failed to stop.

Thread is the macro language (converted to HTML by a program called spin) that I use for maintaining all of my web pages, as mentioned in the previous release announcements from this week. Pod::Thread converts POD documentation into thread so that spin can convert it to HTML. This has multiple advantages over converting it directly to HTML for my web site, such as being able to use spin's methods for adding navigation links and not having to come up with separate style sheets.

This release finally converts Pod::Thread to use Pod::Simple as the POD parser, which means I no longer have any modules using Pod::Parser. I find Pod::Simple a bit more fiddly to work with, but it's actively maintained and higher-quality. This conversion, for example, fixes a problem with being too aggressive about turning =item into a numeric list, something that I really couldn't fix with Pod::Parser.

Also fixed in this release is the bug that got me started down this path: mishandling of URLs with anchor text.

This is the second Perl module that I've converted to my new coding style and augmented test suite, and I'm getting a little bit faster at it, but it still took me a full day. (Although that included the Pod::Simple rewrite, which required touching most of the code.) I'm not entirely sure that should have been my top priority today, but oh well, I had to do it sometime.

You can get the latest version from my web tools distribution page. I also uploaded a new Debian package to my personal repository.

I also released spin 1.80, a follow-on from the previous release, that fixes a bug in the new code to determine last modification date from Git.

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