git-pbuilder 1.29

git-pbuilder is a shell script suitable for use as the builder command in git-buildpackage that simplifies using pbuilder, cowbuilder, or qemubuilder to build packages in a chroot. It's now part of the git-buildpackage Debian package, but I maintain it somewhat separately.

This version supports a new environment variable, GIT_PBUILDER_OUTPUT_DIR, that can be set to override the default output location of ".." (the parent directory). It also changes the script to be a bash script and uses arrays to handle the options passed to the builder command so that shell metacharacters in the GIT_PBUILDER_OPTIONS environment variable will hopefully be handled correctly. As part of that change, it also tries to escape any options that will be passed to --debbuildopts to hopefully protect them from the additional layer of shell parsing that they'll be subject to.

Thanks to Guido G√ľnther and paul cannon for the patches.

I hate having to make the script bash-specific, but trying to get the shell expansion right is otherwise a huge headache. That probably means that it's outlived the usefulness of the original implementation language (which was shell only because this started life as a quick hack). I should probably take the time to rewrite it in either Perl (which I know best) or Python (which is the language the rest of git-buildpackage is written in). But that's for another day. (Here's an excellent case in point for why one shouldn't embed language-specific extensions in the name of an executable that's part of a user interface or configuration interface.)

You can get the latest version from my scripts page.

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