rra-c-util 4.7

This release is a rollup of a variety of miscellaneous features and bug fixes that have accumulated since September. It takes the first few steps towards the general Perl coding style revision that I'm working on, but only a few. I've yet to move some generic Perl test frameworks into this package (hopefully soon).

In the new feature department, there's a new portability wrapper around sys/statvfs.h that converts statvfs code to statfs code for older systems, and a lot of enhancements to the portable/apr.h header to fix up some more constants for APR 0.9 compatibility.

In the bug fix department, the Kerberos and GSS-API probes now probe for Heimdal's libroken by looking for a function that it has provided since at least 0.4 instead of one that's new in 1.3, fixing some portability issues to BSD systems. The Kerberos header probes also now check for headers using file existence checks instead of the compiler in some cases to fix problems with detecting the wrong header when using one of several different Kerberos library installations on a system.

In the test suite department, this release updates the POD and POD spelling checks to be generic and use more modern modules and techniques, and adds a new set of generic Perl tests that will be useful for any of my packages that contain Perl code. There's also a new valgrind suppression file for assisting with valgrind testing in packages that use Kerberos.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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