Powell's anniversary haul

Powell's was holding an anniversary sale and giving out free gift cards with a qualifying order, so it seemed like a good idea to pick up a few books.

Ben Aaronovitch — Midnight Riot (sff)
Patricia Briggs — Alpha & Omega (sff)
Patricia Briggs — Moon Called (sff)
Mark Forster — Get Everything Done (non-fiction)
Lynn Galli — Wasted Heart (romance)
Sam Harris — Lying (non-fiction)
K.E. Lane — And Playing the Role of Herself (romance)
Jack McDevitt — Firebird (sff)
Marshall Rosenberg — Nonviolent Communication (non-fiction)
Deborah Tannen — The Argument Culture (non-fiction)
Bill Willingham, et al. — Fables: Animal Farm (graphic novel)

I'm not sure if the Forster will be worth the cost, but I've really liked his other writing about time management, so I thought I'd take a chance on it. I think the Tannen and the Rosenberg are on roughly the same topic, but I arrived at them through different recommendation paths. I've been feeling like reading about how to communicate lately.

The McDevitt novel is the latest in the Alex Benedict series. I'm only a couple of books away from being caught up. I've gotten lots of positive recommendations for Aaronovitch's series, so thought I'd get the first one.

There's also a variety of random stuff, mostly on the Kindle, that I'd not added to one of these posts, noted here mostly for my own records. Alpha & Omega is a novella rather than a novel, which I grabbed because I picked up and read Cry Wolf during vacation.

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