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As part of a discussion about something else on debian-project, it seemed clear that people were interested in more than just Debian-relevant posts on the Planet Debian aggregator. I'd previously only pushed Debian-related posts there, but I asked explicitly and people want the full feed. So this is the first untagged post going there (and something of a test).

The difference, for Planet Debian readers, is that you'll get a lot more book reviews (of non-technical books), and a smattering of software announcements. You'll also get posts like the below whenever I buy more books. I got into the habit of making haul posts from enjoying a friend's version of that, and now I use them as a way of keeping track of what I've already bought until I get around to putting stuff into a real book database. (I'm currently leaning towards Tellico, for what it's worth.) I'll try to add at least a bit of commentary so that it won't just be a list of books.

If I can get back into the habit, you'll also get regular postings of photographs. I've been out of the habit for about a year, though, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, a small haul:

Kevin Barry — Dark Lies the Island (mainstream)
J. Robert Lennon — Familiar (mainstream)
Ken & Jo Walton — GURPS: Celtic Myth (RPG)

This is notable because it's my first Indiespensible shipment. Powell's Books, from which I buy nearly all of my books, has a subscription club called Indiespensible, which sends a new novel, usually from independent presses, every six weeks. I've been eyeing this for a long time and finally decided to go ahead and try it for a while. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, so this is a good way to try to read more mainstream fiction, and since I know absolutely nothing about what's good in mainstream fiction, something curated is a good idea. I haven't cracked open either of the books yet, but I quite enjoyed the chocolate toffee.

GURPS: Celtic Myth was because I discovered that there was a role-playing supplement by one of my favorite authors, so that had to be acquired, even if I'm not a GURPS player.

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