WebAuth 4.3.2

WebAuth versions starting from 4.3.0 have a memory pool allocation error that affects attempts by mod_webauth to obtain a service ticket from a WebKDC. Occasionally, with the right alignment of memory pools, the Kerberos authenticator included in the service token request will be corrupted, and the WebKDC will reject it with an ASN.1 error. This only affects the mod_webauth module, not the WebLogin server or WebKDC.

This release fixes only that (fairly serious) bug. All users of WebAuth 4.3.0 or WebAuth 4.3.1 should upgrade their mod_webauth to this release.

You can get the latest release from the official WebAuth distribution site or from my WebAuth distribution pages.

Posted: 2012-09-27 19:27 — Why no comments?

Last modified and spun 2022-06-12