remctl 3.3

After some changes to our internal account creation system, which uses Java with a connection pool and reuses an open remctld connection, we uncovered a file descriptor leak in remctld. You'll only see this with clients that hold a connection open for long periods, which is why we never saw it before.

This release fixes that issue, plus I set up valgrind testing to look for any other leaks and fixed a variety of relatively minor memory leaks. These are mostly small leaks in infrequent operations, such as error handling cases or when re-reading the remctld server configuration.

While doing valgrind testing, I noticed that remctld would write its PID file some time before the network setup was complete. This was mostly only noticable with valgrind, which slows the process down considerably, but it's a theoretical problem at any time. That's also fixed in this release.

Other changes in this release include removing prototypes from the Perl remctl() function so that its arguments can come in the form of an array and fixing some build dependency and compiler flag issues when building the language bindings.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

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