lbcd 3.4.0

The first new release in six years!

I inherited this package from a former co-worker and had made some minor fixes over the years, but my C packaging standards and utility libraries have evolved drastically since I started working on it. In 2009, I started bringing the coding style and code layout up to date, but then never finished. I finally took the time this week to mostly complete that work and get a new release out the door.

This release also includes various improvements contributed in the past six years, including a port to Mac OS X by Clif Redding (who has probably been waiting patiently since 2007 for it to show up in a release) and fixes to the LDAP local probe from Quanah Gibson-Mount. While I was cleaning things up, I also fixed the HTTP check to really check the status code from the server and fixed a memory overwrite if there are more than 512 unique local users.

This release drops support for NeXTSTEP, ULTRIX, and SunOS. It's unlikely that lbcd would actually compile on those platforms. I did keep the other platform support, although some of those are dubious at this point and I can no longer test on most of them.

I only managed the tip of the iceberg in terms of cleanup, and this release doesn't have IPv6 support yet and still uses rather awkward ways of passing data around between components. It also doesn't do all the logging that it should have. Hopefully now that I've broken the ice with a new version, I'll find time to make further improvements on a faster time scale.

You can get the latest release from the lbcd distribution page.

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