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In writing a note to someone today, I realized that I had never put up on my web site the slides for my presentation to the 2011 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices workshop. Those are now available from my Kerberos notes page. Entitled "The Murky Tangle of Web Authentication," they're about what we've done recently with our site-wide web authentication system.

Both of the major efforts discussed there (multifactor and proactive user account abuse detection) are deployed in production, although the latter is only deployed in a fairly light-weight and minimal way pending further time to refine and improve it.

The multifactor support in WebAuth has been available since version 4.0.0, but it currently relies on a user information service, which right now you have to write. I want to polish and release ours as open source, but it's going to require some dedicated hours that I've not yet been able to find. Similarly, I hope to release as open source the proactive account abuse detection system, but there haven't been enough hours yet.

I also noticed that my 2010 Debconf slides on using Debian in the enterprise weren't up on my web site (although they've been available from the Debconf site), so those have been added to my Debian notes page.

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