Omnibus haul

This has been a weird year for keeping to any sort of consistent schedule. Too much different stuff has been going on, and of course right now I'm completely distracted by the Olympics and doing very little other than watching. But I had a handful of new books that sounded really interesting in my pending list and then found that they're reprinting the Darkover novels (which I've always wanted to read but whose sequence is hard to figure out). Hence, a book order.

Stephen Baxter — Xeelee: An Omnibus (sff)
Marion Zimmer Bradley — The Ages of Chaos (sff)
Marion Zimmer Bradley — Heritage and Exile (sff)
Marion Zimmer Bradley — The Saga of the Renunciates (sff)
Samar Habib — Rughum & Najda (historical)
Andrea Hairston — Redwood and Wildfire (sff)
George R.R. Martin — A Storm of Swords (sff)
George R.R. Martin — A Feast of Crows (sff)
Mary Renault — The King Must Die (historical)
G. Willow Wilson — Alif the Unseen (sff)

The Baxter combines all four books of the Xeelee series, which I've wanted to read since it seems like the Baxter I'm the most likely to enjoy (and since I already have a short story collection in the same universe that I grabbed because it won a different award), but which is difficult to find in the US. When I found out there was a reasonably-priced omnibus published in the UK, I just got it from an Amazon seller in the UK.

I've already read both of the Martins, but I kind of want to re-read (or at least try to re-read) the whole Song of Ice and Fire series before reading A Dance of Dragons and I originally read borrowed copies. So I grabbed used copies, since that was cheaper than Kindle versions.

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