remctl 3.2

The primary new feature in this release is the beginnings of service discovery and dynamic help support.

There are two new remctld configuration options to support this: summary and help. summary defines an argument to a command that will summarize its various commands and their arguments. help defines an argument to a command that, when given the command and subcommand as further arguments, will provide documentation for that command in particular.

If those options are set, remctld will respond to the help command with summary information for all commands that the user is allowed to run, or with detailed documentation of a specific command (if the user would be allowed to run it). This is a formalization, and an integration with the ACL system, of some help conventions that we've been following at Stanford with remctl backends.

The remctld server now also doesn't segfault when no commands are defined and always closes connections from clients after low-level network errors, which should make it more robust. The error handling on Solaris has also been improved.

Finally, the build system has been fixed to better deal with GSS-API header probes when using a non-standard GSS-API location, and multiple portability issues in the test suite have been fixed.

You can get the latest version from the remctl distribution page.

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