Hugo nominee haul

I'm finally home again for a while after a lot of travel that was unexpectedly extended. It's so very nice to be home and to have a chance to settle in and not go anywhere for at least a month.

It's also rather nice to come home to toys, which in this case means more books. The Hugo nominees were announced while I was gone, which of course meant a book order. And I've been picking up a few other things along the way.

Daniel Abraham — The Dragon's Path (sff)
C.L. Anderson — Bitter Angels (sff)
Elizabeth Bear — Range of Ghosts (sff)
Suzanne Collins — Catching Fire (sff)
Suzanne Collins — Mockingjay (sff)
James S.A. Corey — Leviathan Wakes (sff)
Lev Grossman — The Magicians (sff)
Alisa Harris — Raised Right (non-fiction)
Michael Flynn — The January Dancer (sff)
N.K. Jemisin — The Broken Kingdoms (sff)
N.K. Jemisin — The Kingdom of Gods (sff)
Paul Lafargue — The Right to be Lazy (non-fiction)
Marc Levison — The Box (non-fiction)
George R.R. Martin — A Dance with Dragons (sff)
Jack McDevitt — Echo (sff)
China MiĆ©ville — Embassytown (sff)
Mark Monmonier — Air Apparent (non-fiction)
Bill Moyers — Bill Moyers Journal (non-fiction)
Mary Norton — The Borrowers (children)
Mary Norton — The Borrowers Afield (children)
Mary Norton — The Borrowers Afloat (children)
Mary Norton — The Borrowers Aloft (children)
Mary Norton — The Borrowers Avenged (children)
Hannu Rajaniemi — The Quantum Thief (sff)

It's Hugo reading season, which means priority goes to the Corey, the MiƩville, and the Martin, which are nominees. I've already read Leviathan Wakes and just need to write the review. I'm currently reading Deadline by Mira Grant, which I bought a while back (and which is also a nominee).

I'm still trying to decide, for A Dance with Dragons, whether to go back and re-read the previous four books in the series. It will make a lot more sense if I do, but that's a lot of reading. I'll read the other nominees and then see how inspired I feel.

So much great stuff to read. This order was particularly rich with it. I'm getting back into reading regularly, which is making me very happy, but also means I need to carve out more time to read. I'm six reviews behind again!

And, of course, being home means that video games are an option again, to cut into my reading time. So many fun things to do!

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