rra-c-util 4.3

The major change in this release is a reworking of the GSS-API configure probes. They now check for headers with file existence checks if told to use a specific install root or include path, since otherwise configure could incorrectly detect properties of the system GSS-API include files instead of the ones it was told to use. While I was at it, I also moved a bunch of the standard GSS-API checks into the Autoconf macro instead of requiring they be done separately in configure.ac, and I added a new RRA_INCLUDES_GSSAPI macro to make it easier to write checks.

Following a recommendation in Effective Java (which applied equally well to other programming languages), I modified buffer_sprintf and buffer_vsprintf to no longer take a boolean argument saying whether to append the information, and instead added two new functions. The meaning of boolean arguments is often very opaque at the call site.

There's also another fix for RRA_LIB_REMCTL_OPTIONAL (setting a shell variable that it was documented to set), and the PAM test script parser now supports parameter expansion in the PAM arguments.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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