WebAuth 4.1.1

This release is just a bug-fix release for the WebKDC and WebLogin components. There are no changes to the mod_webauth or mod_webauthldap modules; only those maintaining a central WebAuth system will be interested.

The primary fixes in this version correct problems processing timestamps associated with login history. The timestamp wasn't being correctly parsed from the user information service in the WebKDC, and then wasn't being correctly read by the WebLogin code. WebLogin now also suppresses the time if there is no timestamp information.

Also in this release are several fixes for the sample templates to suppress optional sections if the data is missing and to ensure that all attributes that contain any external data are put through an HTML filter by Template Toolkit.

The generated HTML version of the mod_webkdc manual has also been updated, and some of the build and test machinery has been improved.

You can get the latest release from the official WebAuth site or from my WebAuth release page.

Next step will be Apache 2.4 support, which I hope to start working on next week.

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