remctl 3.1

The primary change in this release is to add a new remctl_set_timeout function to the remctl client library and similar functions to the Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby bindings. When set, the timeout affects all subsequent network operations, including connect.

The remctld server, thanks to Andrew Mortensen, now supports a new configuration option that sets the user as which to run the command. When set, remctld will change to that user (including their groups) before running the command, freeing command authors from having to write the the code to change users.

Thanks to the code for timeout handling, the timeout on the remctld server is now an hour timeout between messages from the client rather than an hour limit on the entire connection.

There are also some minor fixes to some of the internals of the PHP and Python bindings.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

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