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I've just uploaded version of Debian Policy. The really big change in this version is the 1.0 version of the copyright format specification, but that will get a separate announcement once the www team has had a chance to put it in place on the web site.

There are a bunch of other fixes, though, including some normative changes. Here's the upgrading checklist (duplicated from my announcement, but formatted a bit prettier):


New archive sections education, introspection, and metapackages added.


The Architecture field in *.dsc files may now contain the value any all for source packages building both architecture-independent and architecture-dependent packages.


If a dependency is restricted to particular architectures, the list of architectures must be non-empty.


/run is allowed as an exception to the FHS and replaces /var/run. /run/lock replaces /var/lock. The FHS requirements for the older directories apply to these directories as well. Backward compatibility links will be maintained and packages need not switch to referencing /run directly yet. Files in /run should be stored in a temporary file system.


New section spelling out the requirements for packages that use files in /run, /var/run, or /var/lock. This generalizes information previously only in 9.3.2.


Cron job file names must not contain "." or "+" or they will be ignored by cron. They should replace those characters with "_". If a package provides multiple cron job files in the same directory, they should each start with the package name (possibly modified as above), "-", and then some suitable suffix.


Packages using doc-base do not need to call install-docs anymore.


Packages that declare the same conffile may see left-over configuration files from each other even if they conflict.


The Policy rules around Motif libraries were just a special case of normal rules for non-free dependencies and were largely obsolete, so they have been removed.


debian/copyright is no longer required to list the Debian maintainers involved in the creation of the package (although note that the requirement to list copyright information is unchanged).


Version 1.0 of the "Machine-readable debian/copyright file" specification is included.


This separate document has been retired and and its (short) contents merged into Policy section 9.7. There are no changes to the requirements.


Packages may declare an interest in the <perl-major-upgrade> trigger to be notified of major upgrades of perl.


ttf-japanese-{mincho,gothic} have been renamed to fonts-japanese-{mincho,gothic}.

Please review and update your packages as necessary the next time you make an upload.

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