First 2012 haul

It had been a while since I placed a book order, and since I'm doing quite well at reading regularly so far this year, I decided to treat myself.

Lauren Beukes — Zoo City (sff)
Mark Bittner — Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (nonfiction)
Jacqueline Carey — Saints Astray (sff)
Edward Chancellor — Devil Take the Hindmost (nonfiction)
C.J. Cherryh — Regenesis (sff)
Emma Donoghue — Landing (romance)
Doris Egan — The Gate of Ivory (sff)
John Maynard Keynes — Essays in Persuasion (nonfiction)
Scott Lynch — Red Seas Under Red Skies (sff)
Sarah Monette — The Bone Key (sff)
Joanna Russ — How to Suppress Women's Writing (nonfiction)
Barry Schwartz — The Paradox of Choice (nonfiction)
Rory Stewart & Gerald Knaus — Can Intervention Work? (nonfiction)

Last week was pretty much a total loss from an organization and schedule standpoint, but I'm recovering this weekend and planning on getting back to a regular schedule for the next week. When I was holding with that, I was doing quite well at both reading and exercise, so time to restore that pattern.

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