krb5-sync 2.2

The big news is that, as of this release and thanks to work by Sam Hartman, using this password and status synchronization toolkit no longer requires patching the Kerberos implementation if you're using MIT Kerberos 1.9 or later. The name of the module has also now changed to and is installed in a directory inspired by the MIT Kerberos plugin directory. A patch is still needed if you use Heimdal as your KDC implementation.

Support for -randkey password changes (by just ignoring them) has been added in this release, thanks to Dominic Hargreaves.

For the tools, krb5-sync-backend's password command now accepts the password on standard input, which will work better when used as a remctl backend and won't expose the password to other local system users. krb5-sync now reports a proper error message instead of segfaulting if the local configuration is not complete.

There are also other, more minor build system and portability fixes.

You can get the latest version from the krb5-sync distribution page.

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