kstart 4.1

There were a couple of major bugs with k5start -H in 4.0, one reported by pod and one that I ran into myself, so I wanted to get a new release out soon. One fix is for k5start -H and krenew -H when the ticket cache is not renewable; both would incorrectly attempt to reauthenticate even if the remaining lifetime was fine. The other is for k5start -H for a principal different than the ticket cache. k5start wasn't checking the principal, only the ticket lifetime.

But I didn't want to release a new version without implementing a few more things on the TODO list, so this release also has some other features and bug fixes. k5start and krenew when run as daemons now remove their PID files when killed with SIGHUP or SIGTERM. There's a new -s option to krenew telling it to kill a command it's running with SIGHUP when krenew exits (such as when the cache runs out of renewable ticket lifetime). And when k5start or krenew, running as daemons, encounter errors in refreshing the cache, they now retry every minute until the error is resolved.

You can get the latest version from the kstart distribution page.

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