rra-c-util 4.1

This release removes the Kerberos v4 portability code, which I've been carrying around but unable to test for some time. No one is shipping Kerberos v4 libraries any more, and hopefully few people are still using it. I'm releasing my last (non-obsolete) package that still supported Kerberos v4, and it seemed like a good time to drop it.

Also in this release is a replacement for a missing krb5_cc_get_full_name function (in Heimdal for some time and MIT only recently), and a bug fix in pam-util. The new pam-util option parsing code for handling Kerberos times didn't work properly on platforms where a krb5_deltat was not a long.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

Posted: 2011-12-29 20:42 — Why no comments?

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