git-pbuilder 1.25

As is typical, I've been sitting on several requests and updates for git-pbuilder for quite a few months. But the year-end holiday is always a good time to go through backlog and take care of things like that, when it's quiet and calm and there's a break from work.

This release adds support for traditional pbuilder as a possible builder program, which despite the name was not previously supported (at least since I converted an early verison of this script over to use cowbuilder). It alas cannot be determined from the name of the script for backward compatibility, since lots of cowbuilder users are invoking the script as git-pbuilder, but you can use real pbuilder by setting the BUILDER option. Thanks to Clint Adams for the initial patch.

While implementing that, I discovered that the code to set defaults for BUILDER, DIST, and ARCH from the program name (so that people can create symlinks like git-qemubuilder-squeeze-armel and have them do something appropriate) was pretty badly broken and was breaking the BUILDER environment handling. This should also now be fixed.

Finally, there's now a GIT_PBUILDER_AUTOCONF environment variable that can be set to "no" to tell git-pbuilder not to attempt to figure out any of the arguments to the builder. This is useful if you've already got complex logic in your .pbuilderrc to figure out the basepath/basetgz, architecture, distribution, and so forth and don't want git-pbuilder to bypass all of that. Note that this turns off everything, including --buildresult .., so if yoy use it, .pbuilderrc really has to handle everything.

You can get the latest version from my scripts distribution page, and I suspect it will show up in the git-buildpackage package before too long.

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