remctl 3.0

The major change in this version is a new protocol version that adds a NOOP message. Clients can send this (and get a NOOP reply from the server) to keep a remctl connection alive despite a connection timeout while waiting to send additional commands.

Connection handling has, in general, been cleaned up. The server now keeps the connection open by default for all replies, including error and version replies, other than a command message that doesn't have keepalive set. There is also more error checking around continuation commands in the server and a new error code for out-of-sequence messages.

New APIs remctl_noop (to send the NOOP message), remctl_set_ccache (to set the GSS-API credential cache), and remctl_set_source_ip (to set the client outgoing source IP) have been added to the libremctl library and to all the language bindings. The remctl command-line client has a new -b option to set the outgoing source IP.

Bug fixes include fixing the order of checking of GSS-API context flags in the client so that it works properly with Heimdal libraries (on, for example, Mac OS X Lion), closing a client memory leak, and sending QUIT to the server when reopening a client connection. There are also a variety of build system fixes.

You can get the latest version from the remctl distribution page.

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