Let's forget that week

Puddle window

Looking out at the bits of fun within the stone of the work week. That's how I'm feeling this weekend. I had an awful week coming back from vacation, full of minor and larger annoyances, interruptions, frustrations, and all sorts of other problems. Thankfully, it's now the weekend, and I only have to survive another couple of weeks before I can take another long vacation.

There's almost nothing about project scheduling and communication of schedules that I think works properly right now. Everything seems much too aggressive, much too high-pressure, and way too full of arbitrary artificial deadlines. That's adding a lot to my stress at the moment, but thankfully once we get through this push, we should be in a deadline-free zone for a while. (Finally. Hopefully that's actually true this time.)

On the plus side, I got a Kinect for the Xbox 360 and spent a bunch of time last night and today playing with it. It's a much different video game experience (and something for a much different mood, I think), but it's excellent exercise and it's entertaining enough that it's a lot more fun than regular exercise. So that seems promising for increasing my overall activity level. Hopefully jumping up and down on my floor won't bother people below me too much.

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