rra-c-util 3.9

This release is primarily a collection of various bug fixes, but it also starts the process of rearchitecting and improving some of the TAP add-on modules for testing to make them easier to use.

The replacement for the issetugid function was mistakenly called issetuidgid and was therefore used on all platforms, not just on platforms missing the function it was intended to replace. This has been fixed.

The Kerberos TAP add-on now registers its cleanup as an atexit handler so that the caller doesn't have to explicitly clean up. It also frees all memory for cleaner valgrind output, and the kinit and shell variants avoid overwriting the user's AFS token on Heimdal.

There are also minor fixes to the GSS-API include handling, removal of the non-portable INADDR_LOOPBACK define in the networking code, and use of typedef instead of #define for socklen_t and sig_atomic_t replacement.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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