Late afternoon

The last vacation that I had was in April, and while that was lovely, it was also a bit more stressful than the average vacation for various reasons. Since then, I've been heads-down on one particular project except for a small bit of traveling time, which is nice but not an adequate substitute. But I have this week completely off, and can finally unwind a little bit.

It's only Sunday and I was traveling more yesterday, so it's only starting to hit, but I'm relaxing already from the lovely feeling of not having anything that I have to do. (As usual, I had tentative plans to do various things during my vacation, but this year they're going to get thrown out even more than normal, since I just don't have the energy.)

One nice discovery from today is that while it's been some time since I took a lot of pictures (since last April, in fact), it's still as engrossing as always, and makes meandering walks lots of fun. So more pictures than have recently appeared are likely for the next bit.

Hope everyone else's day was as lovely as mine was!

Posted: 2011-09-11 22:12 — Why no comments?

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